Saturday, December 22, 2007

I've written an Ebook on Childlessness!

I have been working very hard these past few days writing an Ebook. It's called: Maybe Next Month: the courageous journey of Childlessness.

I decided that I shoud focus on something that I actually know something about and have personal experience of.

This Ebook also includes loads of ways to shut the relatives up over the holidays with some snappy answers to that question: "So, when are you going to have children?"

Take a look:

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My attempt to enter the Ebay

One of the methods that Autopilot Profits suggests to create traffic to your site is to write an Ebook and put it on Ebay. The book itself is just a teaser for something else you are trying to sell, so you can make it cheap.

However I went to a lot of effort to write my ebook on Panic Attacks, even though it would lead to another product. Getting it sold on eEbay proved to be harder than I thought.

The begining part was ok. I filled in the forms. But then, to get people to buy it now at a fixed price I learned that you have to have 5 credit points. Once again, if you are not from the USA, you are discriminated against and you cannot buy this for $5. However the other way is to buy five things, so that you can get your feedback points, which is kind of better because you get something for your money.

So I look for really cheap, interesting Ebooks. I get something on downloading ebooks (looking for alternatives if my site is taken down.) Something on headaches. (I get headaches lot). Marketing Ebooks. How to choose a good shopping cart (No kidding, he's pushing a certain brand, but I need to look at options to make my shopping cart cheaper). A cheap one for artful ways to leave feedback. I then see something super cheap for 5 ways for bringing traffic. This one is from a Russian guy, friendly, but sends me things in a "rav" file I cannot open. When I told him this he sends me another one. Guess what. It's a rav file again.

Now you are probably counting and wondering, hey, you only needed five! That's true. But I got impatient waiting for feedback. You see, it's not enough for you to thank them for the service, they have to thank you for the money, and that can take time. So by Tues when I only had 3 pts still, I just decided to speed things up and get more in hopes the other people would be quicker. But by the end of Wed I still only had 4 pts. So I resigned myself just to putting it up on auction and let people bid. Well, I had 6 people immediately look, but no bids. ($2.97 not that bad, you think?) So the next morning I put it down a bit. By this time I had my 5 points so whoopee I decide to make another ad marketing the same thing, but with a fixed price , buy it now label.

Huge mistake. I am immediately suspended from Ebay. I guess they don't like that. Oops. I do not know if they will let me back in, or if this is the end of my Ebay journey. I am severely warned not to even enter Ebay, so asking for help or why is not an option. I just replied to the emails they sent me, but there is still no responce.

Oh well. You can still buy my ebook, for this really cheap price on
Who needs Ebay, anyway?!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I survived AI

These past 2 days I have been going through something nobody who pops out babies easily ever has to consider. However after about a year and a half of trying to conceive, we decided to give nature some help. Artificial Insemination! Aaah!

Actually I really did not think it would be big deal. Little did I know...

First of all all the places we have to drive to are far apart and in areas I am not familiar with. We start of at the andrology lab in Parktown first. Last time Brett had to do this for the testing of his sperm he missed the cup. So this time I go in and help. We want success!

The guy at the sperm bank looks very happy for us. It turns out the sperm count is good so we have a good chance. It takes about an hour for him to "wash" the sperm during which we have some rooibos tea (me) and cappachino (Brett). Off we go with our precious parcel to the Rosebank Clinic.

When we get there it is nightmare to actually get there. The place is full of one-way streets and it is the opposite directions to what it says on the map. After going around the block I pull over and ask the security guard where the heck do I park. Finally we find a parking spot and, miraculously, the offices, and off I go.

This next part was just plain awful. There is no other way to say it. I thought it would be dead simple, but it turned out to be painful and I bled a lot. I saw the doctor pull out a series of blood soaked pipes until he could get the sperm in. He struggled to get it in and had to damage my cervix.

After enduring that I was not happy to get to the desk afterwards and find out that they charged me considerably more than was quoted. Sigh. At least there is some chance of recovering this from the medical aid.

So I was feeling very weak after that. Managed to do the grocery shopping with Brett and pretty much passed out for the rest of the day. I did not manage to do anything about lunch which probably contributed to the problem. I landed up making supper sitting in a chair in the kitchen - felt too weak to stand. About 7pm after eating I did feel much better.

That night I did not feel very good. Also worried about the next day - was it going to be as bad as today?

However we dragged ourselves out of bed for the next round. This time at the lab Brett took me out for breakfast while we waited. This really helped me feel a lot better with eggs and 2 coffees in my system.

Our next destination was in Kensington (this doctor seems to have offices all over) and again, we passed the place and walked up and down before finding it.

However the procedure went much better this time. I was more fertile and more relaxed. Plus I knew what to expect.

I was still bleeding from the previous day, though, which was a big concern for me, but he seemed to think I still had a chance.

So here's hoping!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Still no money coming and I got sucked into spending more...

Its Sunday now.
I still have no new money coming in.
After one day when my panic campaign only got 4 hits (well all I could afford for Google ads) I decided, maybe I'm pushing the wrong product. So while I'm continuing to promote the panic one (and have paused the stress one) I started a new one on "seize cars" , a site that sells cars that have been seized or repossessed. So we will see. So far no money, just some hits. I made some cool ads tho.
This morning I finally caved in and bought Google Ads for free. I thought: I am spending so much on Google ads now, maybe I should just spend on this and at least get the Google ads for free.
Well I had to read that ebook twice. The second time I sat there with pen and paper determined to understand and implement it. So once again.. we will see. I think with a lot of traffic it could work, but I need to start small and go from there. But at least I will now have more control over the ads on my pages. I mean one day there was an adult one (with Google Adsense), and some really nasty ones too, and I really don't want porn on my site, apart from the fact that it is unrelated. So some good ideas in this ebook, buy it for yourself and see:

Click here to get Google ads FREE

Friday, December 7, 2007

My efforts to make money on the net...

7 December 2008

Welcome to the habbits, the hideout, the head, the history and other thoughts of Heather!

This blog will be about the things that have happened to me and my particular progress in the following areas:

1. Trying to be a better teacher with a difficult class of kids

2. My efforts to make my website, , a success, and any self-help insight I have gained along the way

3. My efforts to make money on the internet

4. My battle with my childless state

and anything else I can think of!

Let me start, first of all, with my history of trying to make money on the internet, which began about six months ago. This was in my August holidays after I had survived a rather nasty term of kids who did not listen. I had to come up with a better idea to spend my days!

I started looking for ideas. I wanted to make use of my psychology skills. A few years ago when I was unemployed I had put together a stress course. I was also interested in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and on one of those lists was Rebecca Marina's and I used her same host because she recommended it and it was point and click easy to do. I also found and wanted to do something like that. So eventually, after about 3 weeks of hard work, was born. And 3 months later, although I have had a lot of fun with it, it is still not making any money. I am seriously considering taking it down, although I will be very sad :(

When I found that the site was not making money, I started looking for other options to make money that would support my site. I bought a nice program on subliminal thinking. It flashes on the screen messages and your subconscious absorbs it. Right now I've got it flashing on 100% Brain Power! I hoped to make money off it if people would buy, but so far no luck.

So by now I've racked up hosting fees every month as well as for the IMerchant which does the cc transactions, although nobody's bought yet, and a nice program as well, but nobody bought that either. I also have my google ads running (act before you snap) to promote my stress course and the website.

I start scouring the web for more ideas. I find paid surveys. This seems the answer to my problems. I started with Survey Scout which I liked because they had a column so that you knew if you could not do it if you were not American (I am South African and many of these people only want American opinions). After joining about 70 of these I have yet to have anyone ask me for my opinion. And when you go in there to try and contact someone for a refund, its no go. I register for their help forum but it keeps bringing me back to the same page. And even the email they sent me is no reply. So if you are not American.. beware of Survey Scout! I also joined Home Survey Workers. Same story. Waste of money. At least I got an email from them yesterday saying they will refund me after I asked. Will let you know if it actually gets to my account. What also irritated me about Home Survey Workers was the breezy letter: we have a survey for you in your area. You click through and.... guess what.. "this offer is not available in your area".

I had a hiatus from the internet for a while during which we had problems with our phone line (firstly for two weeks, then later for 3 weeks). Of course we just love Telkom, who has the monopoly on land line telephones here. I also had a lot of work to do at school what with learner profiles and reports which take forever to get done...

However the December summer holidays are here and I am back with a mission: to drain some kind of cash out of this computer if it's the last thing I do and if I do not go broke in the process!
(By the way, for South Africans, Clixsense is a waste too... I only earned nearly $2 after forking out $10.) I was able to convert some of this for advertising for my site.

Today my latest attempt to make money will be documented for prosperity: AutoPilot Profits by Ewen Chia. This guy is apparently very good at making money, so we will see.

Check out what you think:Click Here For Your Own Automatic Money Machine!

I watched all the videos today and thought they had some good ideas. I have started putting some into practice. So the product I am focussing on for this is Panic Away (I chose something I can still promote in my existing website) so we will see.

f you have panic attacks:

Well that's all for now.. wish me luck!