Thursday, December 20, 2007

My attempt to enter the Ebay

One of the methods that Autopilot Profits suggests to create traffic to your site is to write an Ebook and put it on Ebay. The book itself is just a teaser for something else you are trying to sell, so you can make it cheap.

However I went to a lot of effort to write my ebook on Panic Attacks, even though it would lead to another product. Getting it sold on eEbay proved to be harder than I thought.

The begining part was ok. I filled in the forms. But then, to get people to buy it now at a fixed price I learned that you have to have 5 credit points. Once again, if you are not from the USA, you are discriminated against and you cannot buy this for $5. However the other way is to buy five things, so that you can get your feedback points, which is kind of better because you get something for your money.

So I look for really cheap, interesting Ebooks. I get something on downloading ebooks (looking for alternatives if my site is taken down.) Something on headaches. (I get headaches lot). Marketing Ebooks. How to choose a good shopping cart (No kidding, he's pushing a certain brand, but I need to look at options to make my shopping cart cheaper). A cheap one for artful ways to leave feedback. I then see something super cheap for 5 ways for bringing traffic. This one is from a Russian guy, friendly, but sends me things in a "rav" file I cannot open. When I told him this he sends me another one. Guess what. It's a rav file again.

Now you are probably counting and wondering, hey, you only needed five! That's true. But I got impatient waiting for feedback. You see, it's not enough for you to thank them for the service, they have to thank you for the money, and that can take time. So by Tues when I only had 3 pts still, I just decided to speed things up and get more in hopes the other people would be quicker. But by the end of Wed I still only had 4 pts. So I resigned myself just to putting it up on auction and let people bid. Well, I had 6 people immediately look, but no bids. ($2.97 not that bad, you think?) So the next morning I put it down a bit. By this time I had my 5 points so whoopee I decide to make another ad marketing the same thing, but with a fixed price , buy it now label.

Huge mistake. I am immediately suspended from Ebay. I guess they don't like that. Oops. I do not know if they will let me back in, or if this is the end of my Ebay journey. I am severely warned not to even enter Ebay, so asking for help or why is not an option. I just replied to the emails they sent me, but there is still no responce.

Oh well. You can still buy my ebook, for this really cheap price on
Who needs Ebay, anyway?!

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